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16 avril 2018, 13:36


 LIL PUMP – ESSKEETIT   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] CB on the beat Only wear designer, esskeetit… Ouu, Lil Pump Yeah, yeah, ouu, brr Yeah, ouu, wow Yeah, yeah, ouu, ouu [Chorus] Only wear designer, esskeetit (ouu!) Hoppin’ out the Wraith, esskeetit (esskeetit!) Smashin’ ...
16 avril 2018, 10:58

Nicki Minaj propose une vidéo verticale pour le clip de “Chun-Li”

La belle Nicki Minaj a cédé à la mode de la vidéo verticale pour illustrer son nouveau banger “Chun-Li” :   Paroles/Lyrics : Verse 1] Ayo, look like I’m goin’ for a swim Dunk on ’em, now I’m swingin’ off the rim Bitch ain’t comin’ ...
12 avril 2018, 14:34

Ne-Yo x Bebe Rexha x Stefflon Don – Push Back

Ne-Yo, Bebe Rexha, Stefflon Don – Push Back   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Stefflon Don] See mi whine up the ting ’til it pile up Big bumper, girl, just a whinin’ and wile up Dem ma squad, me a stock’til it pile up Mine wanna know so mine wanna… [Verse 1: Ne-Yo] ...
11 avril 2018, 16:14

Ashanti x Ty Dolla $ign – Say Less

Ashanti – Say Less ft. Ty Dolla $ign   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] Mustard on the beat, hoe [Pre-Chorus: Ashanti & Ty Dolla $ign, Both] Pull up to the party (party) Jewels all on my body (my body) Your chick on my body (body) And they can’t tell me nothing, no Like stop it, ...
11 avril 2018, 16:01


HALSEY x BIG SEAN x STEFFLON DON – ALONE   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] If I If I [Verse 1] Said he tried to phone me, but I never have time He said that I never listen, but I don’t even try I got a new place in Cali, but I’m gone every night So I […]
9 avril 2018, 14:16

A$AP Rocky x Moby – A$AP Forever

A$AP Rocky x Moby – A$AP Forever   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: A$AP Rocky] Gang! Gang! Gang! [Chorus: A$AP Rocky] They talkin’ down on my name, don’t let ’em run off with the name Man I just run with the gang, A$AP boys came with the flame Gang! Gang! They ...
7 avril 2018, 11:51

Drake – Nice For What

Drake – Nice For What   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Big Freedia] I wanna know who mothafuckin’ representin’ in here tonight Hold on, hold on [Pre-Chorus: Lauryn Hill] I keep lettin’ you back in How can I explain myself? [Chorus: Lauryn Hill & Drake] Care for me, ...
4 avril 2018, 15:00

Eminem – Framed

Eminem – Framed   Paroles/Lyrics : [Verse 1] Feeling kinky, lip syncing to Too $hort’s “Freaky Tales” (Biatch!) Having creepy visions of whiskey drinking And envisioning sneaking into where Christie Brinkley dwells I know this is risky thinking but I wanna stick her ...
3 avril 2018, 10:23


Avant la sortie de premier album Invasion Of Privacy ce vendredi, la rappeuse du Bronx, Cardi B, dévoile le clip de son titre “Bartier Carti”. Paroles/Lyrics  : Bardi in a ‘Rari, diamonds all over my body Shinin’ all over my body Put that bitch on Molly Bardi Bitch on ...
30 mars 2018, 12:33

Mike WiLL Made-It x Rae Sremmurd x Big Sean x Quavo x Pharrell – Aries (YuGo) Part 2

Mike WiLL Made-It, Rae Sremmurd, Big Sean – Aries (YuGo) Part 2 ft. Quavo, Pharrell   Paroles/Lyrics : [Pre-Chorus: Pharrell] Hold up, to be clear (yeah) (Mike WiLL Made-It) I believe in miracles (yeah) But I don’t believe in waitin’ for ’em (nah) You gotta make ...
28 mars 2018, 14:54

Belly x YG – 4 Days

Belly x YG – 4 Days   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Belly] Yeah Mustard on the beat, hoe [Chorus: Belly] Thinking you a bad bitch Really, you just doing bad bitch Fronted on me when I ain’t had shit Until I came up like a savage Foreign girl with a accent (yuh) She can barely fit ...
28 mars 2018, 14:06

2 Chainz x YG x Offset – PROUD

2 Chainz – PROUD ft. YG, Offset   Paroles/Lyrics : Intro: 2 Chainz] Yeah, do it for the hood, nigga, rep Yeah, Soufside with an F ’cause I’m fresh Do it for the hood, nigga, rep Soufside with an F ’cause I’m fresh Tryna make my momma proud, uh I ain’t ...
27 mars 2018, 15:59

DJ ESCO x Future x ScHoolboy Q – Code of Honor

DJ ESCO – Code of Honor ft. Future, ScHoolboy Q   Paroles/Lyrics : [Skit: DJ ESCO] Another day in my life, huh I’m proud of myself, this the longest I’ve ever kept a job I don’t care if it is workin’ at the gas station ‘Cause in two months, I get my ...
27 mars 2018, 14:49

Trouble x Drake – Bring It Back

Trouble Feat. Drake – Bring It Back ( Prod by Mike WiLL Made-It )   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Trouble] Let do it Money man Go get your money man, go get that Go for that shit now, go get your money man Mike Will Made-it, bitch [Pre-Chorus: Trouble] Ounces in my mothafuckin’ ...
27 mars 2018, 14:38

Post Malone x Ty Dolla $ign – Psycho

Post Malone – Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign   Paroles/Lyrics : [Chorus: Post Malone] Damn, my AP goin’ psycho, lil’ mama bad like Michael Can’t really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you My roof look like a no-show, got diamonds by the boatload Come with the Tony ...