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12 juillet 2019, 13:57

Mustard x Quavo x Meek Mill x YG – 100 Bands

Mustard x Quavo x Meek Mill x YG – 100 Bands
10 juillet 2019, 10:31

Machine Gun Kelly x Trippie Redd – Candy

Machine Gun Kelly – Candy feat. Trippie Redd   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Trippie Redd] Haha, Big 14, you know what the fuck going on [Chorus: Machine Gun Kelly] Ayy, you know I keep that candy, yeah I need more like Mandy, yeah Stay up, take addies, yeah I’m tryna fix this ...
10 juillet 2019, 10:28

Gunna – Baby Birkin

Gunna – Baby Birkin   Paroles/Lyrics : Wheezy outta here I know my purpose European car, it came with curtains (Yeah) I have a daughter, I’m buying her baby Birkin (Baby Birkin) Fucked her good and got her legs hurtin’ (Yeah) Found our wave and got them Ms early (Ms) ...
8 juillet 2019, 17:07

Fat Joe x Dre x Lil Wayne – Pullin

Fat Joe, Dre, Lil Wayne – Pullin   Paroles/Lyrics : Pullin out garages, broads, and credit cards Dodgin’ all charges, clout chasers, and frauds We are not the same, I am a Martian, Marvin Bitches like, « Ayy, let’s get it on » Let’s get it on, ow baby Coca Let’s ...
8 juillet 2019, 15:45

Tyga – Lightskin Lil Wayne

Tyga – Lightskin Lil Wayne   Paroles/Lyrics : Fuck you gon’ stand next to a nigga like me that really do it And you don’t do it? The fuck from by me, man Hello, motherfucker, what’s my name? (What’s my name?) In the Rolls, asking bitches how I came (how I ...
8 juillet 2019, 11:04

Flyboy Tarantino – Heartbroken Soldier

Flyboy Tarantino – Heartbroken Soldier   Paroles/Lyrics : Heartbroke soldier, stay chain smoking flicking ash while I’m riding around As I get older my heart grows colder, I’m alone I need you around Don’t leave please come back, it gets wild in my head Don’t ...
8 juillet 2019, 11:01

Blueface x Offset – Bussdown

Blueface – Bussdown ft. Offset   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Blueface] Oooh Blueface baby (Blueface baby) Yeah, aight Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh [Chorus: Blueface & Offset] Used to ride the bus down (Skrr) Now I wear a bussdown (Ice) I just made 6 like a touchdown I need it all when I ...
5 juillet 2019, 11:46

Post Malone x Young Thug – Goodbyes

Post Malone fait son retour avec « Goodbyes », accompagné de Young Thug.
4 juillet 2019, 11:16

Lil Uzi Vert – Sanguine Paradise

Lil Uzi Vert – Sanguine Paradise     Paroles/Lyrics : We be throwin’ money in a spiral Every time your girl hear my song, yeah, turn her right into my hoe She shake her ass, do the eye roll Got a skinny thong like a tightrope I be blowin’ up like some pyro Coupe 150, ...
3 juillet 2019, 15:41

Jim Jones x Fat Joe – NYC

Jim Jones – NYC ft. Fat Joe   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Jim Jones] New York City, please go easy on me tonight New York City, please go easy on this heart of mine This Rotten Apple ‘Cause I’m losin’ my lover to (Crime wave) the arms of another (Uh) New York ...
2 juillet 2019, 11:40

Rich The Kid x Miguel x Ty Dolla $ign – Woah

Rich The Kid – Woah (ft. Miguel and Ty Dolla $ign)   Paroles/Lyrics: Chorus: Miguel] I wanna ride ’til the sun just I like the sound my name on your tongue ‘Cause you got the woah, baby You got the woah That’s right, you the bomb Give me the time and I’m on it ...
1 juillet 2019, 14:53

SAINt JHN x Lil Baby – Trap

SAINt JHN – « Trap » ft. Lil Baby   Paroles/Lyrics : Only love a real nigga ever knew was trap, I trap, I trap Really came up from the mat, no turnin’ back Only love a real nigga ever knew was trap, that’s fact, that’s fact Nigga came up from the mat, no ...
1 juillet 2019, 11:16

Logic x Eminem – Homicide

Logic – Homicide ft. Eminem   Paroles/Lyrics : Son, you know why you the greatest alive? Why, Dad? Because you came out of my balls, nigga Hahahaha Fuck rap, bustin’ like an addict with a semi-automatic Who done had it, and he ready for anybody to buck back Hold up, catch a ...
27 juin 2019, 11:44

ScHoolboy Q x Kid Cudi – Dangerous

ScHoolboy Q – Dangerous (feat Kid Cudi)   Paroles/Lyrics : I’m feeling dangerous, I’m feeling nauseous Rolling me crazy, some marijuana Smoking and faded, I got enormous Drinkin’ and swangin’, I’m feelin’ dangerous Greet me by my hand ’til ...
27 juin 2019, 11:39

BHAD BHABIE x NLE Choppa – Get Like Me

BHAD BHABIE « Get Like Me » feat. NLE Choppa   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: NLE Choppa] D-Mac pop yo shit, D-Mac pop yo shit Damn Pliz That nigga take [Chorus: Bhad Bhabie] Bitch, get you some money Bitch, get you some money Bitch, get you some money Hoe, get like me Bitch, get you some ...