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14 novembre 2019, 16:34

The Game x Anderson .Paak – Stainless

The Game – Stainless ft. Anderson .Paak   Paroles/Lyrics : [Chorus: Anderson .Paak] Rollin’ on the 105 (105) I don’t drink when I drive (I don’t think you know) But I gotta do it high (Know) Blowin’ smoke in the sky (Smoke in the sky) It’s ...
14 novembre 2019, 13:05

Les clips qu’il ne fallait pas manquer le mercredi 13/11 : Freeze Corleone, Da Uzi, Junior Bvndo, Yuzmv….

Que de la qualité, que des tubes en puissance, on vous propose notre nouvelle sélection de clip  Freeze Corleone – Baton Rouge Avant la sortie d’un nouveau projet en 2020, Freeze Corleone clôture l’arc narratif Projet blue beam avec le clip du titre « Baton Rouge » ...
12 novembre 2019, 13:14

Kanye West – Follow God

Kanye West – Follow God   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] Father, I stretch Stretch my hands to You [Verse] Lifelike, this is what your life like, try to live your life right People really know you, push your buttons like typewrite This is like a movie, but it’s really very ...
12 novembre 2019, 12:47

Alicia Keys x 21 Savage x Miguel – Show Me Love

Alicia Keys – Show Me Love ft. 21 Savage, Miguel     Paroles/Lyrics : [Alicia Keys] Show me love Treat it like we freakin’ on the weekend, show me love I heat up the seconds, times and reasons for your love This is not the season for nobody else but us I always get ...
8 novembre 2019, 11:12

Doja Cat – Cyber Sex

Doja Cat – Cyber Sex   Paroles/Lyrics : [Chorus] I wanna touch on you (On you) You see me in my room (My room) Wish you were here right now (Right now) All of the things I’d do I wanna get freaky on camera I love when we get freaky on camera [Verse 1] We freak on the ...
7 novembre 2019, 17:56


A l’occasion de la sortie de ses derniers projet Akonda & El Negreeto, le rappeur Akon joue au #AurevoirMerci pour OKLM
6 novembre 2019, 12:30


Russ – BEST ON EARTH (Feat. BIA)   Paroles/Lyrics : [Chorus: Russ & BIA] Like the way she work, ayy She always puts me first, ayy And I know I’ve been around But I swear you got the best on Earth, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh, I got drip on the floor and it’s ...
4 novembre 2019, 14:22

Trippie Redd – Love Me More

Trippie Redd – Love Me More   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] Internet Money, bitch Hahahaha, Nick, you’re stupid [Chorus] I wish that you would love me (Love me) I wish that you would love me more Nobody else but me (But me) Like, shawty, what you asking for? (Yeah) And lil’ bitch, ...
1 novembre 2019, 15:32

Maxo Kream x ScHoolboy Q – 3AM

Maxo Kream – 3AM ft. ScHoolboy Q   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro: Maxo Kream] (It can get gangsta) Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (It can get gangsta) Chill out, LaMarcus, man, all your gloves, man, your guns, nigga It was right here, nigga Right here, yeah, yeah, it’s right here Oh, so you ...
30 octobre 2019, 11:58

Krept & Konan x WizKid – G Love

Krept & Konan – G Love ft. WizKid   Paroles/Lyrics : [Hook: Konan & Wiz Kid] Ciroc with the ice Live life, never worry ’bout the price Thick thighs, I can see it in your eyes, yeah She just want that ghetto love Yeah, gyal so hood, mi nuh lie Never let another ...
30 octobre 2019, 11:54

Roddy Ricch x Gunna – Start Wit Me

Roddy Ricch – Start Wit Me (feat. Gunna)   Paroles/Lyrics : Oh Lord, Jetson made another one [Roddy Ricch] I been done ridin’ through another nigga city I got a brand new Draco with me Clip got .33, Scotty Pippen Bitch nigga ain’t heard of me, I got a Richard ...
25 octobre 2019, 15:51

Tyga x YG x Santana – MAMACITA

Tyga, YG, Santana – MAMACITA   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] Ay, Rvssian [Chorus: Tyga] Mamacita, where you at? I’ve been tryna reach ya (Yeah) So pull up, baby, can I see ya? (Yeah) I’m down to meet ya (Ay) Holdin’ me, she want control of me Mamacita (Yeah), ...
25 octobre 2019, 13:08

Blueface x Gunna – First Class

Blueface – First Class ft. Gunna   Paroles/Lyrics : [Intro] FBeat producing all the heat Blueface baby, yeah, aight [Chorus: Blueface] First class what I spent on the shoes Baguettes guaranteed I’m getting this boo Ooh, ooh, baby blow it like soup I’m so hot I get ...
24 octobre 2019, 14:26

Cardi B se lancent des fleurs : elle considère qu’elle a ouvert la voie aux autres rappeuses !

Cardi B, un symbole ?    « Avant moi, aucune rappeuse n’était signée sur un label. Personne ne les signaient. Maintenant, tout le monde les signent » Cardi B says she is the reason why female rappers are getting signed now. 👏🙌 — Music News Facts ...
23 octobre 2019, 12:51

DaniLeigh x G-Eazy – Cravin

DaniLeigh – Cravin ft. G-Eazy    Paroles/Lyrics : Intro: DaniLeigh] Ooh, ooh (yeah) Slim right, real tight, got a nigga cravin’ (Cravin’) [Chorus: DaniLeigh] Slim right, real tight, got a nigga cravin’ All night, that’s right, ballin’ on the daily ...