27 novembre 2018, 12:21 -

Young Thug x Gunna x Lil Baby – Chanel

Young Thug – Chanel (ft Gunna & Lil Baby)


Paroles/Lyrics :

[Intro: Gunna & Future]
Anything she want she can get, oh, give her (give her)
Anything she want she can get (she want, she can get)
Wheezy outta here

[Chorus: Young Thug]
She want Chanel, go get it, she want Chanel, go get it
She want this Fendi, go get it, she want a Birkin, go get it
She want this Gucci, she get it, she want this Louis, go get it
Loubs with the spikes, she get it, everything I got, she gettin’ it, yeah
Bentley sedan, she get it, hop out the Benz, she gettin’ it
Hop out the Lamb, she gettin’ it, the Porsche Cayenne, she gettin’ it
Hop out the coupe, she get it, Ashanti the shoes, she get it
I put my kids on her titty, anything she want she can get it

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Anything you see, you can get it
Here go the keys to the Bentley
When I fuck her, I got good intentions
I just can’t get my palms to stop itchin’
Water on me like I live with the fishes
I done ordered every color in tennis
Got the diamonds put in by my dentist
I’ma shine when I’m skinnin’ and grinnin’
Ice my watch, I’m not wastin’ my time
Gunna dripping with Uzi and Slime
Connect with my bitch like a WiFi
Slidin’ in the DM like a Cha Cha
I got M’s, I can take care of the southside
I’ve been buildin’ these billionaire ties
Got the Yves Saint Laurent heels in your size
Get the penthouse and fill it with vibes
Got Marc Jacobs, they cover my eyes
She need help, I’ma send her a dime
I can’t pour nothing less than two lines
Luxury all the back seats recline
She want me to put that dick in her spine
Take her shoppin’ and keep her from cryin’
Give you stones you one of a kind
Got Chanel with the C’s on both sides